Whether it be the ceremony or the reception, a grand venue or an elegant garden reception in your own home, Citi Pride Garden provides you with a first class service from the consultation stage right through to the end of the function.

We can add a touch of class to your wedding by installing creative, innovative lighting that is designed to work in harmony with your wedding theme.

We provide a dedicated Lighting Designer who will work in conjunction with all your other services to bring you a truly bespoke service.

When God said "Let there be light", it probably was the first recorded cue in the history of lighting! Lighting is the most vital ingredient to ensure that you are seen. It can be used to create an aura, evoke a mood - basically create magic.

The scope of lighting can extend from general ambience lighting to special effect lighting. We believe that lighting if used creatively, can heighten and accentuate each and every element of decor and take it to a completely different level.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

We will help you make the right decisions to fit your budget. Wishes and desires are the most important and we strive to make them are your Truly!

We at Citi Pride Garden promise to customer’s uniqueness, convenience and value for money during planning, coordinating and executing wedding requirements. Call +91 145 2310054 for custom quote.