The application of mehendi on the girl's hands and feet was at one time done by the female relatives or friends. Today, however, the occasion usually involves the application of " Mehendi" not just on the bride - to - be but also for her friends and relatives by professionals, accompanied by singing, dancing, rejoicing, and feasting.

Citi Pride Garden offers :
  • Suggestions for professional Mehendi waalis / waalas, including coordination and supervision of their services.
  • Gifts for mehendi from the groom's side for the bride.
  • Gift ideas for return gifts.
  • Decor suggestions, supervision, coordination and implementation if required.
  • Suggestions for catering, supervision, coordination and implementation if required.
  • Music - suggestions, supervision, and coordination.
Mehendi / Bridal make-up :
We have some of the leading bridal make-up artists of Eastern India to give high-quality beauty treatment.

For the bride : Full legs and arms

For other friends and relatives :
Apart from applying mehendi the traditional way on the hands and feet, there is a choice of intricate designs on the arms depicting amulets or bajubandhs, chokars along the curve of the neck, payals or pajebs on the feet, sensuous tattooes on the shoulders, wrists and even belly buttons!

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