Trousseau Packing

The practice of gift giving originates from tribal societies, where it acted as a yardstick for determining the wealth of the bridal couple embarking on a life together. Whether the wedding is modern and sophisticated or simple and casual, the wedding gifts are thought of as the earthly treasures.

Today packaging and presentation has become almost as important as the gift itself.

Here is a range of exclusive designer packaging ideas that combines the customary gift giving with a little innovation, especially created for us by our wedding consultant. 
Presented in a cane platter, the saree/shawl/salwar kameez lies cushioned in gold gloss fabric. A captivating rose in gold tissue entwined in a mauli and gold thread bow with tiny gold beads adds to the
To package your dreams comes a satin envelope with gold braiding. It is soft and sensuous to go along with the lingerie or night wear it can hold.
A beautifully decorated 'thaal' which can be used during any wedding ceremony
Pouch of layered tissue to store gold guineas
An acrylic box with a gold leaf cover for storing chocolates. Pouch in gold tissue for the same

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